Our products are clinical applications of a novel secretome – a rich, complex solution of molecules secreted from proprietary cells. Instead of a single drug and target, our secretome solution contains many biologically active molecules, present in physiological concentrations. The combination of components working in concert makes it effective. The low concentrations of molecules make it safe.


Dynamic communication between nearby cells is mediated by secreted molecules and paracrine factors.


Paracrine signaling can be interrupted or impaired under conditions of inflammation, injury, or infection.


Our rich and complex secretome solution supplies the paracrine factors needed to restore homeostasis.


Numerous preclinical and clinical studies have confirmed the safety of our novel approach. Findings from these studies also demonstrate the unique combination of biologic activities attributed to our secretome product, ST266. These attributes determine our indication selection and development programs.

Modulates Inflammation

ST266 can modulate the inflammatory response by decreasing vascular permeability, immune cell infiltration, and edema.

Speeds Impaired Wound Healing

ST266 helps these wounds heal faster by facilitating the deposition, alignment and cross-linking of collagen fibers and matrix.

Promotes Bone Restoration

ST266 prevents bone loss, promotes bone growth and reduces inflammation in bone injury.

Restores Nerve Function

ST266 is neuroprotective and supports nerve regrowth. It decreases the rate of demyelination, and creates an environment that supports nerve repair.

Regenerates Cells

ST266 improves function in damaged cells. It increases proliferation, reduces apoptosis, and helps restore homeostasis.

Demonstrated Safety Profile

Phase I trials have demonstrated the robust safety of ST266 when administered as ophthalmic, dermal, and oral formulations.

Our paracrine therapeutic approach has potential to be applied across a wide range of disease indications to improve patient outcomes. Learn More about our Pipeline »