David Steed, MD

Executive VP of Medical Affairs, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Steed began consulting with Noveome in 2005 and joined the Company in 2009. Dr. Steed is Emeritus Professor of Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh. He practiced vascular surgery at the University for over 30 years and was the founder and director of the Wound Healing/Limb Preservation Clinic. Dr. Steed was the principal investigator in the development of Regranex (Platelet Derived Growth Factor), the first growth factor to be FDA approved for wound healing. He has participated in over 30 clinical trials, authored more than 150 publications andĀ is a prior President of the Wound Healing Society and Clinical Editor for Wound Repair and Regeneration. Dr. Steed trained in surgery at University of Pittsburgh and University of California, Los Angeles.

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