Noveome is looking for determined people to join us in developing first-in-class therapeutics that can improve human health and quality of life. Our mission is to advance ST266, our complex platform biologic, through multiple clinical trials to treat neurological, ophthalmic and eventually other diseases. As a member of our team, you can help change how diseases like optic nerve diseases and brain trauma are treated.

Noveome was co-founded by researchers and physicians affiliated with top research institutions based in Allegheny County. We are passionate about helping the Pittsburgh region become a world leader in bioscience and biotechnology.

Career opportunities

Quality Compliance Specialist

The Quality Compliance Specialist assists in the oversight and management of all GMP-compliance systems. This position coordinates and maintains all audit activities performed at Noveome and ensures all quality system activities are in compliance with the FDA regulations and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). The Quality Compliance Specialist is responsible for leading internal and external […]


Strength in Diversity

The strength of ST266 comes from the diversity of its unique combination of proteins and other biological factors. ST266 can address complex diseases because it is composed of hundreds of different factors, each of which brings unique capabilities to address damage from disease or injury.

At Noveome, we believe that our strength as a company also comes from our diversity. By working together, with the many perspectives that come from a broad range of backgrounds, we believe that we are better able to conquer complex challenges, advance science and improve human health. We welcome the diverse and creative approaches that come from an open dialogue driven by a shared desire to succeed and to explore the full range of possibilities of science in the service of human well-being.